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Ahhh. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. Blooms are blooming. And the inside of your house? It’s ready for its post-spring cleaning debut. No matter how much space you have or what area you are organizing, it is possible to give your home a good spring cleaning and maintain that beauty throughout the year. Follow along for four organizing tips that will make your home, and its contents, shine like the dazzling star it is.

1. Focus On One Area

Typically when we think of spring cleaning, we think of cleaning the entire house, top to bottom. While that is the end goal, the idea of tacking a whole place can feel daunting to most. Start with just one area – purge, organize, and clean – and then move on to the next. These small victories will give you the motivation to complete your next task. Tip: Start with the area that’s bothering you first (looking at you, overstuffed closet).

2. Donate, Toss, or Rehome 

Once you’ve got a dedicated space to work on, go through all of the contents. It’s best to lay it all out and then go through and determine what it is that does not bring you joy. Choose to donate, toss, or maybe place the item in another area of your home. The key is to not only pare down but organize while doing so.

3. Think Creatively: Maximize Space

It might not seem like you have a ton of storage space, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to create more, if necessary. Add hooks behind a door to hang towels. Install a coat rack to your front door entrance area for worn jackets. Invest in furniture that can be used two ways, like an ottoman that doubles as blanket storage. Consider under-the-bed storage bins for linens that aren’t used as often. Give everything in your home, a home.

4. The Clean, After The Clean

Once you’ve gone through all of your specific areas and purged and organized, it’s time actually to get to the cleaning part. Take a few hours to go through your home and wipe down surfaces, scrub sinks, wash linens, vacuum, and mop floors. Once that’s done, sit back, relax, and take in all that your fresh and clean home has to offer.

Ultimately, spring cleaning isn’t something that happens overnight. Allow for plenty of time and schedule time in your day to tackle one area. Before you know it, you’ll be living in your clutter-free, dream home. 

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