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Be honest. How many times during lockdown did you contemplate ordering one of those craft beer brewing kits off Amazon? Well, for those of you who did, not as easy as it looks, is it? Why not leave it to the experts? Or maybe even get a few tips? With our new normal including socially responsible visits to your local pubs, here are three spots for the best craft beers in Gilbert.

Gilbert Convenient Mart

How did a small convenience store make it onto a list about craft beer? Well, Gilbert Convenient Mart just so happens to be packed with rare craft beers you’ll love. February brought in some brand-new additions like Odd13 Brewery’s Hop Hearted Hanna, SLO Brew’s Reggae Red, and Flight Deck Brewing’s Blueberry Angels.

Divided Vine

Divided Vine is a beer and wine bar with a tasty but limited food menu because everyone is there for the spirits. The first thing you see when you walk in the door is that tried and true indicator that you’ve walked into a spot that takes pride in their brews, the blackboard with a wide selection of craft bears, handwritten in colored chalk. Taps rotate weekly, so you’ll always get to try something new.

OHSO Brewery

This place has it all, and it’s all good. OHSO Brewery is space draped in personality (and by personality, we mean bikes). They literally have orange bicycles hanging off the ceilings. Along with the vehicular ambiance, you’ll enjoy a killer food menu, a very wide beer selection (yes, they have the blackboard with beer selections handwritten in chalk), and an in-house distillery. You can drink your beer 10 feet from where it was brewed! Great time to get some tips for your home brewing kit. Don’t give up!      

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