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We’ve all got that person in our life who seems to simply have everything, or chooses to buy anything they need, themselves. While shopping for that special someone, it’s time to think outside of the box. Because while you may think they have everything, they don’t. Here’s our top tips for shopping for the person who has everything, with a guaranteed approval from the recipient.

Consider Their Hobbies

When gift shopping, consider what that person likes to do for fun. Are they crafty? Do they like to experiment cooking meals in the kitchen? Are they into trying out new sports? Or are they a movie buff who enjoys a good film every Friday night? Get creative and put together a “themed” gift basket with some goodies that will stretch their creativity and boost their everyday fun.

Monthly Gift Subscription

If there’s one trend we want to stay, it’s the numerous monthly box or gift subscriptions you can find online. There is literally something for everyone. Is hot sauce their thing? There’s a spicy subscription box for that. Is that person a plant lover? Elevate their space and mood with a monthly houseplant subscription. From wine subscription boxes to a “sock of the month” club, it’s incredibly easy (and fun!) to find ways to shower your favorites with some unique gifts that you don’t necessarily have to spend hours picking out.

Gift an Experience

Okay, so let’s say that person really does have everything, or at the very least they don’t need any other physical gifts (looking at you, hoarder friends). Instead of buying them something, consider taking them out for a night on the town, on you. Make the time to connect with them and create lasting memories. A few ideas include:

  • Movie Night

  • Bowling

  • Dinner & Drinks

  • Arcade & Billiards

  • Concert

Experiences top our list for greatest gifts – I mean who really needs another cheesy quote wall hanging? Well, maybe just one more…

Gift Cards

If all else fails and you’re at a loss of what to get, a gift card always wins. The recipient will appreciate your honesty, and honestly, probably prefer to pick something out themselves.

Now that you know how to shop for the person who has everything, it’s time to get to it. For more practical tips and advice, check out our blog at Cadia Crossing.