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A man sitting at an arcade game in an arcade.



Adulting is defined as “actions and behavior that are considered typical of adults, not children or young people.” And while adulting is certainly a necessity for daily life, it’s healthy to indulge your inner child every once in a while. With that in mind, here are some local arcades for you to explore.

Main Event

Main Event is everything your inner child ever wanted from an arcade, with neon lights as far as the eye can see. And those lights are attached to some pretty awesome stuff. From old-school classics like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to cutting-edge virtual gaming and laser tag, this place has it all. Now, as much as indulging your inner child can be, your outer adult can get in on the fun with a full bar and billiards hall.

Level 1 Arcade Bar

Now we journey to the opposite side of the arcade world with Level 1 Arcade Bar. Here, you won’t see any VR, neon lights, or laser tag. This is strictly a classic arcade zone – boasting an impressive array of fully restored arcade and pinball machines. There’s also a solid food menu, signature cocktails, and daily specials you can check out here.

Jake’s Unlimited

Jake’s Unlimited definitely lives up to the name. To use a gaming reference, this entry is like the final boss. In addition to the classic games, new-school VR/laser tag, and the bar with billiards tables, Jack’s takes it up a notch with what can only be described as an indoor amusement park. Smash into your buddies in the bumper cars. Go for a spin in the radius machine. You can even hop onto an actual horse carousel! OK, admittedly, the carousel might be a bit much, but who cares? It’s your inner child’s time to shine!

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