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Various musical instruments

Explore the Musical Instrument Museum

Not far from our Gilbert apartments is a destination that tells the story of music unlike ever before. We are talking about the Musical Instrument Museum, and its impressive collection spans 6,000 years of history. Here is some of what you can discover during your visit:

Geographic Galleries

The Geographic Galleries showcase major world regions, from Africa to the United States. Several of the displayed instruments are rare finds or considered historically significant. A highlight includes the Japanese sho mouth organ. Found in the Asia Gallery, it was made by a Buddhist monk in 1509, and remains in fully functioning condition.

Experience Gallery

Bring out your inner musician inside the Experience Gallery. Celebrating the joys of music, this museum favorite is a "place to let loose and have fun." You can test your musical skills on an array of instruments you've likely never heard of. Try the djembe, theremin, gamelan, and many more.

Artist Gallery

Step into the Artist Gallery to see fascinating exhibits focusing on "sound, style, and era." You will discover historic instruments played by some of the world's most beloved musicians. One of the many highlights includes the Slingerland drum set played by Buddy Rich on The Tonight Show. Considered one of the greatest drummers of all time, Buddy never received formal training or practiced outside his performances.

Conservation Lab

Finally, step into the Conservation Lab. Through a large viewing window, you can watch as a skilled team works to preserve the museum's collection. The team performs careful testing and strives to maintain the instruments for future generations.

If visiting the Musical Instrument Museum inspires you to bring out your inner musician, local schools have you covered. You can learn to play everything from the harp to the electric guitar. To call Cadia Crossing home, please contact us. We would love for you to see firsthand everything our apartments in Gilbert have to offer.