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Two dogs running in a field



If you're reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve got yourself a furry companion. And with a furry companion comes daily trips outside for bathroom breaks and a little bit of running around. But we all know those days when we get busy and those trips consist mostly of bathroom breaks and not much else. But this is your fur-baby! Your cuddle-on-the couch buddy. They deserve a spa day every now and then, too! So, with that in mind, here are three dog parks in and around Gilbert where you can treat your pup to some fun in the sun.

Cosmo Dog Park

We’re coming right out the gate with Cosmo Dog Park, probably the best bark park on this list. Sure, this dog park is a bit of a people park, too, with its ramadas and grilling stations, but we’ll forgive that. This location, anchored by a man-made lake, boasts not one, not two, not five, but FOUR fenced areas so you can let your dog off leash and run free, pet drinking fountains to keep your little guy or gal hydrated, and when they eventually jump in that lake or (we all know this pain) or roll around in something they shouldn’t have, the park is equipped with two dog-washing stations to save your vehicle interior as well as your coach.

Dog Park at Crossroads

Located less than 5 miles away from Cadia Crossing, the dog park at Crossroads Park is the closest of our three picks and the most human friendly. Actually, if you’re looking for some fun human times for yourself, Crossroads Park has fantastic open spaces, an ice rink, baseball field, soccer field, amphitheater, and even its own restaurant. But this isn’t about us mere mortals. The dog park is located on the southeast corner of campus and comes with dog amenities like two separate fenced areas for timid and, let's call them “active” dogs, shaded areas to escape the Arizona heat, and doggy drinking fountains.

RJ Dog Park at Pecos Park

The last entry on our list is a great little park with an awesome story. RJ Dog Park was named after RJ, a police dog who died in the line of duty. This gorgeous 2-acre space consists of two fenced off-leash areas designated for big and small dogs.

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