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Scary woman standing behind a glass door in a haunted house near Cadia Crossing



What’s scarier than a haunted house on Halloween? A house that’s actually haunted all year round. So, for those of you who love it when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, here are three real, rumored-to-be-haunted houses you can visit today.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast | Fall River, Massachusetts

Possibly the most famous of all the real life haunted houses is Lizzie Borden’s home. So, for the uninitiated, back in 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered. The only real suspect the police ever pursued was the couple’s daughter, Lizzie Borden. Lizzie was ultimately acquitted, but in a small town of Massachusetts she was never able to escape the negative stigma.

It’s said that she now haunts her old house where her father and stepmother were murdered. On some nights, it’s said you can hear her ghost laughing at the top of the stairs. If this sounds like the kind of spooky place you’d like to spend a weekend getaway, well, then you are in luck. The old Borden house is now a museum and bed and breakfast – equipped with ghost cams, of course.

Casa Loma | Toronto, Canada

Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada, is a breathtaking castle-like mansion. When night falls, this Gothic Revival-style house looks like the kind of place in scary movies where you scream for the on-screen characters to not go into.

Tales of ghosts have been around practically from the moment this home was completed in 1914. Staff and visitors have told bone chilling stories that range from hearing voices to seeing a woman in white roaming the second floor, and most recently, the basement. Want to experience these scares for yourself? Casa Loma is open for tours right now.

The White House | Washington, D.C.

All political leanings and jokes aside, The White House is rumored to be haunted. Stories of odd happenings in the home of the President have been around for centuries. Several ghosts have been said to haunt the halls. President William Henry Harrison, the first president to actually die in the white house, is said to have a permanent residence there. There’s even a story of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill reportedly encountering Lincoln’s ghost while he was stepping out of the bathtub. And while The White House isn’t currently offering tours due to the pandemic, and would certainly never have a “ghost” specific tour, if you ever do find yourself in the nations house, tell Abe we said hi.

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