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Hand holding tongs flipping a piece of meat on a barbecue. Background is blurred.



What is the deal with Korean barbecue? It’s just so darn delicious! Something about spicy-sweet gochujang chili paste, soy or fish sauce, and plenty of garlic can’t be beaten. Read on for a few favorites we think you’re sure to love.


Korean short ribs, galbi is traditionally made from flanken-style short ribs (although, we think English-style short ribs work just fine. However, they are traditionally braised). The salty-sweet and spicy marinade is complex and includes such ingredients as Asian pear, garlic, sesame seeds, and many other ingredients, adding layers of flavor. Check out this recipe from Korean Bapsang.

Dwaeji Bulgogi

Another Korean barbecued meat offering, this spicy grilled pork belly also calls for gochujang paste and Asian pear, among other ingredients, resulting in a dish that’s salty, sweet, fatty, and epically flavorful. Let Serious Eats guide you.


Or “fire chicken” in English, this dish consists of fiery hot barbecued chicken topped with a thick layer of melted cheese to cut down on the spiciness. Serious Eats also recommends slicing the chicken into bite-sized chunks after barbecuing. This probably makes eating and sharing a little easier.


While all these recipes are delicious on their own, it’s traditional to also offer this delicious dipping sauce. This tasty sauce is made from a combination of soybean paste, gochujang, garlic, onion, toasted sesame seeds and oil, honey, and either walnuts, apple, or sriracha. Check out this recipe from My Korean Kitchen for a full breakdown on all the variations and how to put them together.

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