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White room with geometric rug, wooden framed mirror, and decorative cacti in woven baskets.



When you live at Mountain Trail, you live in a true Southwestern home. So why not saturate your surroundings with a little – or a lot – of Southwestern flair? We’re talking natural textures, hand-crafted decor elements, brightly colored woven fabrics, pops of terra cotta, and a cactus or two.

Think: Texture

When it comes to true Southwestern home decor, the common element you’ll see throughout is natural texture. Think unfinished wood or rattan furniture, woven baskets, wood-framed pieces, and clay or terracotta sculptures.

The idea is to keep it rustic, yet simple with a touch of these natural textures. Try adding a rattan accent chair like this one, to your space, then simply fold and throw this handwoven blanket over the back. And for a more modern look, stick with sleek furniture pieces like this simple wooden dresser, but add some Santa Fe flair with these insanely cool knobs. Put a small accent rug at your front doorway or hang a pretty diamond-patterned shower curtain up in the bathroom.

All About the Art

Your walls are just as important as your home’s surfaces. Keep it simple with a few fun Southwestern-inspired art pieces, like these framed slat horse portraits, this stunning watercolor print, or this beautiful resin cow skull.

Add Statement Pieces

And if you’re not looking to fully transform your entire space into something right out of a John Wayne movie – even though that would be epic – then just swap out a few key focal points throughout your home with Southwestern statement pieces, like this cool table lamp, this cast iron door stopper, this accent tray, or these terracotta vases. And maybe pick up a cactus or succulent from nearby Plantae.

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