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Indoor houseplants next to a window.



Beyond their visual beauty, there are so many benefits to having houseplants dispersed throughout the house. Studies have shown that houseplants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%!), reduce your stress levels, and boost your mood. And the best part? They are low maintenance. Create your own personal plant sanctuary and indoor garden by adding a few new plant babies to your collection with a visit to one of these four places to buy houseplants in Chandler, Arizona.

SummerWinds Nursery

Perfect your green haven with a visit to SummerWinds Nursery, Mesa’s local plant nursery that offers everything from unique houseplants, to a wide selection of pottery, to outdoor perennials and annuals, and more. Need some help picking out the perfect houseplants for your home? SummerWinds’ resident expert Patty can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Arizona Flower Company

More than just a pretty flower shop, Arizona Flower Company offers a generous selection of beautifully curated plant baskets, planters, and individual potted plants. Their plant selection offers a wide variety of all types of plants, all arranged in a beautiful display, ready for your home.

Cactus Flower

There’s a reason to celebrate the little things in life, so whether you’ve got an upcoming birthday or received a job promotion, treat yourself to a new plant baby from Cactus Flower. The Chandler location not only has stunning floral arrangements, they also offer unique succulents and other plants to add to your home’s decor. The best part? Everything comes potted or in a basket, so there’s no need to find the perfect container for your plant.

The Garden Center at Home Depot

Your one-stop shop for all things garden, Home Depot in Chandler is an excellent resource for houseplants, soil, pots, and fertilizers. Employees are well versed in houseplants and what plant would be best suited for your space, considering all things like light, space size, window direction, and more. Tip: make sure to check back often as they always receive new shipments of plants that can differ each week.

Just one plant can instantly transform your living space. Clear the air in your home and add a touch of warmth with a stop at one of these four spots in Chandler to stock up on houseplants. For more home decor tips, check out Vive’s blog.


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