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A young woman doing plated lunges during a cross-training exercise.



Whether you’re new to the gym scene or have been at it for years, there are a few fitness myths that could be hindering your gains.

Myth #1: Dry Scooping Your Pre-Workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplements were designed to be mixed in with water and ingested over the course of a few minutes. So knocking back a dry scoop of this caffeine- and protein-rich product right before you start your weightlifting or cardio session can completely overload your system and potentially cause dehydration. Plus, you’re at risk of accidentally inhaling the powder and choking. Containing as much caffeine as three cups of coffee, pre-workout supplements are not to be used carelessly. Start by choosing a well-known supplement, follow the recommended amount on the label, and drink it mixed with water about 15-30 minutes prior to your first weightlifting set to help fuel an epic workout.

Myth #2: More Sweat Means a Better Workout

Loading up on layers and layers of clothes for a hardcore sweat session isn’t the best plan for your workout routine. Sweat is one of the quickest ways to become dehydrated. And while sweating is a natural part of the weight training or workout process, overdoing it in the sweating department can cause unnecessary fatigue and potentially even heat stroke. Instead of layering up, wear comfortable, athletic clothing and focus on good form, hitting those PRs, taking necessary rest periods, and staying hydrated throughout your entire workout – your gains will thank you.

Myth #3: Go Hard or Go Home

When it comes to making gains, going all out is definitely part of the equation. But when you’re looking to avoid injury, build muscle mass, lose fat, and have good form when lifting, it’s okay to take it easy when you need to. If your body is telling you to take a five minute rest between sets, do it. If you need to take a break from an exercise half-way through because you’re cramping up, do it. If you need to miss a few extra reps because you’re tapping out, do it. Stay motivated and work hard, but listen to your body’s limits.

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