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Freshly prepared burrito at a local



During the Mexican Revolution, a man named Juan Mendez owned a small food business.

To keep the meals warm, he wrapped them in large tortillas, and that's how the burrito was born.

The dish became popular in parts of Mexico as well as in American cities that were just over the border.

If you would like to enjoy a burrito for dinner tonight, head to one of the following restaurants:

Si Senor

It was in 1985 when Martin and Irene Castillo used old Southern New Mexico recipes to open Si Senor in their hometown of Deming, New Mexico. The restaurant quickly gained popularity with its impeccable service and dishes made with the hatch chile. The hatch chile is sun dried and grown at the Covarrubias Farm which sits along the Rio Grande. Today, the family offers a Si Senor location right here in Chandler where guests can enjoy burritos filled with ground beef or chicken.


Since 1986, Someburros has served authentic Sonoran-style Mexican food in Arizona. All of the dishes tell the story of the Vasquez family, and they were perfected by Nana who prepared them in her small kitchen during gatherings. With service that is very attentive, this casual restaurant offers burritos such as veggie, carne asada, and pollo.

Isabel's Amor

Isabel's Amor has been a place where memories have been made for more than forty years. It features a cozy wood interior and an intimate patio, and no matter where guests dine, they enjoy service that's friendly and attentive. All of the dishes are made from scratch, and burritos include green chili, veggie, and chorizo & egg.

These are just a few of the restaurants near our apartments in Chandler. If you are looking for a new place to call home, please contact us to schedule a showing.

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