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Too many to-do’s on your list? Forget what you should be doing and spend a little time procrastibaking. Baking helps relieve stress from your day by focusing your attention on something you can control – delicious snacks. Here are a few recipes to try out when you need to escape your other tasks.

Crusty Artisan Bread

Instead of spending your time getting bread, make your own! If you’re the last person to try bread baking at home, you might need the aid of this quick and easy recipe from Once Upon a Chef to inspire an afternoon of not accomplishing your to-do’s.


How can you focus on work when life is full of mysteries. Like, what is the best brownie recipe? There are so many recipes to test, but we recommend starting with these Supernatural Brownies. The only way to truly know which recipe is the best is to try them all out yourself.

Coffee Cake Muffins

Maybe what you need to focus on your to-do list is a little break, a cup of coffee, and a tasty bite (or 17) of coffee cake. Or you could spend your time making a convenient coffee cake-muffin combo, using this simple recipe. Innovative, delicious, and maybe just what you need to get back to what you’re supposed to be doing.

Carrot Cake

If you’re not sure what to bake, try something new. Carrot cake is an underappreciated dessert in the baking world that is decadent and delectable when baked correctly. Spend your time practicing and perfecting this epic Carrot Cake Recipe from All Recipes.

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