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Overhead view of a woman’s hands placing neatly folded clothing into storage baskets.



Small closet? No problem. A smaller space actually means you get to be more creative about what you store and how you store it, leading to intentional decisions and ultimately hanging onto the clothes and accessories that only spark joy. Give your closet an overhaul this spring with these four space saving products and tips that will help you in the long run.

Overhead Storage Baskets

If you’ve got a shelf above or below a hanger rod, storage baskets serve as an excellent use of space when it comes to keeping your clothing and accessories organized. Use each basket for like-things, for example, seasonal clothing you are not wearing right now, hats, handbags, gloves, scarves, etc. If you really wanted to go fancy, label them so you know what is where before pulling down each basket and rummaging through it.

Shoe Organizers

There’s nothing worse than trying to find your favorite shoes and only finding one in a pile as tall as you. Invest in a hanging shoe organizer to keep the ground clear and use up free vertical space. If you do have any ground space available and out of the way, a tiered shoe rack is the way to go.

Hanging Accessory Organizers

Organizing accessories can feel overwhelming, simply because they are usually small and you have a lot of them! Take matters into your own hands with simple products that save you time, and spare you from headaches. Organize belts, scarves, and ties with this handy hanger. Get your jewelry straightened out with this easy wall mount organizer, or this hanging pocket organizer. And for smaller clothing items, this hanging piece comes in quite handy.

Spacesaver Storage Bags

Do you have clothing items you’d like to keep, but don’t wear often? Store seasonal items inside a Spacesaver bag, that helps to increase storage space while shrinking down the storage size. Once sealed, store these overhead or out of sight, like under your bed.

As a good rule of thumb, before you organize any space you should always take inventory of what you need, what you want to keep, and what just doesn’t fit or excite you anymore. Before you know it, you’ll have the closet of your dreams. Check out more Vive blog posts for additional home, decor, and organization tips.


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