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Cactus in the desert sand near Vive in Chandler, Arizona



Not far from Vive is a fun outdoor destination named after a fabled gold mine.

We're talking about Lost Dutchman State Park, and it spans 320-acres near the Superstition Mountain.

As visitors explore the scenic trails, they'll see an array of Arizona's animals and gain insight into their existence.

Animals that may be spotted include:


Also called collared peccaries, javelinas are one of the more unique wildlife species found at the park. Watching them is always fun, and witnessing the social hierarchy within a herd is often entertaining as they communicate with grunts, pops, and squeals. These medium-sized animals look like wild boars and have short, coarse salt and pepper hair. During the day, they rest under the shade of a mesquite tree or rocky outcroppings, and each group defends their territory.


Coatimundis are social animals, and groups of up to thirty individuals have been spotted. These animals are closely related to the raccoon, and they spend much of their day foraging for food, especially berries. Coatimundis are grayish-brown and grow between thirty and fifty inches long and up to twelve inches high.


Found in almost every natural park in Arizona, coyotes are mainly nocturnal, though it is possible to see them during the day especially if they're on the hunt. They have pointed ears, and bushy tails, and weigh between fifteen and fifty pounds. Coyotes can travel alone, in pairs, or in packs, and their broad diet allows them to survive in a variety of territories.

In addition to exploring the park on foot, visitors can also enjoy mountain biking and camping.

Lost Dutchman State Park is just one of the outdoor destinations near our apartments in Chandler. If you'd like to call our community home, please contact us. We'd love to show you firsthand all we have to offer.


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