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woman looking at fish at an aquarium near Gilbert

Enjoy the Day at the Fantastic OdySea Aquarium Near Chandler

Enjoy a Day at the OdySea Aquarium Near Chandler 

For a fun way to learn about marine life, head to the OdySea Aquarium. Recently voted "Best Indoor Entertainment," it holds over two million gallons of water and is the largest attraction of its type in Arizona. Here is some of what the aquarium has to offer near our Chandler apartments:

Penguin Point 

Meet Pip, Polly, and their friends. Penguin Point is home to African black-footed penguins known for their donkey-like brays. These charming birds are excellent swimmers and divers. In the water, they can reach speeds of 40 mph, and use their wings as stiff flippers, while their legs and tail act like rudders. African black-footed penguins are very social animals. They usually stay with a mate for an extended period, and nest in colonies with 50 to 100 individuals. 

Otter Banks 

Step into Otter Banks to watch the charismatic otters as they play, wrestle, and show off their impressive swimming skills. With over one dozen calls, siblings Gizmo, Peanut, and Pepper chat all day long. They are a favorite among guests, and you may spot them walking through the aquarium with the animal care specialists. 

SeaTREK Underwater Helmet Diving 

Don a wetsuit, and enjoy fun in the water unlike ever before. Once you are underwater, the friendly guide will take you for a walk along a trail as colorful fish and other marine life from the Indo-Pacific region swim by. Each SeaTREK Underwater Helmet Diving session lasts about 60 minutes and is limited to eight participants. You can easily purchase tickets online. 

After exploring this aquarium near Chandler, enjoy a delicious sandwich at a nearby eatery. Finally, if you would like to call Vive home, please contact us. Our leasing team will arrange a tour where you can discover the amenities and floor plans our apartments in Chandler have to offer.


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