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Hummingbird mid-flight near Vive in Chandler, Arizona



Did you know that Chandler is one of Arizona's premier birding sites?

One of the hotspots is Veterans Oasis Park, and it's home to more than 150 bird species.

It is the perfect destination for novice and experienced bird watchers alike, and visitors can explore on their own or enjoy free family bird walks led by the Desert Rivers Audubon. They're held on the first Saturday of every month, November through April.

The bird list includes:

Orange-crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned warblers are plain olive or yellowish birds that vary in color by geographical region. Their orange crown is rarely seen as it's only visible when they are excited and raise their head feathers. These birds are often spotted when foraging as they make a high-pitched chirp that's distinctive from other warblers.

Cattle Egret

Cattle Egrets are appropriately named as they are often seen foraging at the feet of grazing cattle. They are small and compact and feature all white feathers with yellow bills and legs. As cattle egrets roost, they make a raspy "rick-rack" call.

Green-tailed Towhee

Green-tailed towhees are easy to identify as they're chunky birds with a large head and thick bill. They display grayish body feathers and olive-yellow wings and tails and are larger than most sparrows. They're typically found in the shrubby habitats of the West, and males entertain with a series of clear whistles and trills.

Golden Eagle

Considered one of North America's largest and fastest raptors, golden eagles are usually spotted in the West. They feature brown feathers with a golden sheen, and are often seen soaring with their wings lifted into a slight "V."

Bird watching is just one of the activities that you can enjoy if you call our apartments in Chandler home. Please contact us to arrange a tour where we can show you our amenities firsthand.

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