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Donuts on parchment paper in a yellow tray with one set on a wooden table next to a white mug full of brown liquid.



There’s nothing like a donut and coffee kind of morning. You know, those slow mornings where not much is calling other than the need to sit back and enjoy the simple things in life. Give in to your cravings and celebrate all things donuts and coffee with these four ABQ spots to grab your favorite morning powerhouse duo.

Duck Donuts

This donut chain makes you feel as if you’re in a small mom-and-pop donut shop, serving up some of the freshest donuts in Chandler. Duck Donuts has endless donut combinations to choose from, with fresh cake batter served as the base and delicious and unique toppings to bring it to the next level. And the coffee is anything but basic, with a large selection of drinks to quench any coffee lover’s thirst.

Rainbow Donuts & Smoothies

Rainbow Donuts brings in the goodness with a large selection of freshly-made donuts daily and a full menu of boba tea drinks (iced coffee included!). The variety of donuts is unparalleled, with everything from red velvet, coconut Boston creams, maple bacon, and yes, even the cronut (croissant donut).

BoSa Donuts

The self-proclaimed ‘Best Donuts in AZ,’ BoSa Donuts, indeed lives up to the hype. With over 20 locations and growing, BoSa strives to be that classic donut shop that has everything you could want, with a variety of donut creations and simple coffee drinks to invigorate your morning or night (yeah, they’re open 24/7). So whether it’s a chocolate-filled glazed donut, an apple fritter, or even an eclair, you’ll love every bit(e) of your BoSa experience.

SoJo’s Donuts

A 100% vegan donut shop situated in Mesa, AZ, SoJo’s Donuts offers a wide variety of sweets and savory treats to kick off your day. The hand-made vegan donuts are baked fresh daily and made with only the best ingredients, so you can not only enjoy your donut in all of its glory, you can feel good about eating it too. With donuts like ‘Cookie Dough’ and ‘Scream ‘N’ Jay Cookies,’ you’ll be coming back for more at SoJo’s.

It’s time to celebrate the little things and grab a donut and coffee at one of these top four ABQ donut shops. For more local tips and tricks, visit our blog.


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