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Resident friends getting together at a brewpub near Vive in Chandler, Arizona



It seems like people have celebrated with beer for millennia. Simply put: beer tastes good and has a way of bringing friends together for every minor occasion. From cheering good deeds to great adventures, beer can be the social bond that sticks. Fortunately, there are many brewers closeby producing good products and we’ve found three we love. Check out our list below!

SanTan Brewery & Distillery

San Tan Brewing bills itself as the everyday beer for common occasions, which in our book means anything and everything counts when it comes to lifting a mug of cold beer. We are totally on board with that and their crisp, easy-drinking beers reliably hit the mark. Plus, SanTan offers spirits and great food at their locations, plus catering for special events.

Helluva Brewing Company

Interesting ingredients inspire tasty results. Helluva Brewing answers beer connoisseurs’ call for beers that live up to their sophisticated taste buds. For an undeniably beefier beer, try Helluva’s Black Sheep American Stout and their Up in Smoke Smoked Chipotle Porter. Or simply enjoy good names and great ingredients – like their Bringing Sexy Back American Raspberry Wheat Ale and their Juice is Loose New England-style IPA.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

Using words like artisanal and hand-crafted don’t begin to explain the beauty behind this brewer’s beers. Influenced by their time in nature, the brewmaster’s have strived to incorporate Arizona state themes and sustainable practices into the beers they brew. They also think using local agricultural products and supporting practices that protect the very thing they hold dear – the vast Arizona landscape – are a required part of their business.

And while they are total pros at brewing, they care deeply about people and places and have found a way to honor their interests – like their Don’t F#%K it Up Blonde Ale (meaning outdoor spaces) and their People Power Hazy IPA (which benefits the ACLU).

As always, stay safe, drink responsibly, and tip your waitstaff. For more interesting ideas on how to spend your downtime, visit our blog.


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