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A messy closet full of clothing and handbags.



From tripping over floor cushions to cluttered junk drawers, Vive brings you a list of three warning signs that your home is housing too many things.

Closets & Drawers are Overflowing

If you open up the door to your wardrobe and clothes are practically flinging themselves onto you or the floor, it means you’re probably trying to cram way too many items in there. Or maybe your closet isn’t a monstrosity, but that junk drawer in the kitchen is a mess of random odds and ends. Either way, when you open a door or a drawer, an uncluttered space is the overall goal to help provide a happy, healthier home.

Spend a few hours pulling everything out of any overstuffed drawers or closets, and go through each piece. If you love it and it must stay, then place it back in its rightful, more organized place. If it’s meh or maybe, it’s best to send it off for donation. Need a little inspiration? The KonMari Method or Martha Stewart’s guide to reorganizing are great places to get started!

You Can’t Find Anything

Where did you put the car keys? When was the last time you saw your headphones? If “I can’t find blank” is a common situation in your household, it’s a glaring sign that your home is unorganized and has far too many things. Get into the habit of doing a weekly once-over in your space to tidy up and get rid of a few unnecessary belongings. Be sure to create designated areas for often-used items, like a hook system by the front door for keys or a basket for small electronics & accessories.

Your Home Feels Heavy

When you enter your apartment, there should be an overall sense of relaxation and a feeling of calmness. If you walk inside and feel overwhelmed or like the rooms are heavy, it’s definitely time for a change! Try swapping out bulky pieces of furniture and art with lighter-feeling styles. Clear clutter off surfaces and routinely clean your home. Draw back the curtains or blinds to let in more light, and make sure the soft surfaces feel inviting.

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