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It’s a new year. And with a new year comes new adventures. And while you should definitely take a vacation sometime in the next 12 months, there’s plenty of fun to be had right here at home. So here are three local activities to enjoy in 2022.

Dog Days at the Garden 

When it's time to adventure, no one says you have to adventure alone. If you and your canine like getting outside, Dog Days at the Garden is definitely your jam. This annual event, taking place Jan. 9, 23, and 30, lets dog owners spend their morning walking the tranquil trails of Desert Botanical Garden. While walking, you can admire the garden's natural beauty, stop for dog/owner selfies, and meet fellow pup owners and their furry friends along the way. 

Aerogelic Ballooning

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to ride in a hot air balloon, you certainly picked the right state to call home. Arizona has a massive hot air ballooning community. Aerogelic Ballooning is one of the area’s best and most experienced ballooning companies with great rates for a group or private flight around the southeast valley. So buy a ticket and get ready to see Chandler as you’ve never seen it before.    

Stargazing Retreats

Have you ever wanted to get away from all the city's light pollution and sleep under the stars? At Stargazing Retreats at Camp Verde, you can do just that – under a clear, heated pod consisting of a furnished bedroom and private bathroom. These one-of-a-kind pods also come with complimentary WiFi, while the camp also provides meditation classes included in the cost of your stay. So if you're looking to commune with nature, or you just want to bask in the majesty of the cosmos, Stargazing Retreats should be at the top of your 2022 to-do list.

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