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Sliced pumpkin bread with chocolate chips at Vive



With fall officially in full swing and us being smack dab in the middle of October, it’s safe to say we’re officially in pumpkin season. Believe it or not, pumpkins are used for more than just jack o'lanterns and pumpkin spiced lattes. And while it may feel like our yearly fascination with all things pumpkin is both specific and finite, pumpkins have much more to offer the world than scary faces and overpriced coffee. Here are three delicious pumpkin recipes you can try at home.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

The sweet distinct taste of pumpkin blended seamlessly with chocolate is what you’ll get with this pumpkin bread with chocolate chips recipe. It’s that thing you never knew you wanted. The recipe is incredibly simple and in just over an hour, including prep time, you have a tasty treat worthy of being made all year round.

Pumpkin Hummus

We know what you’re thinking. Why would someone make this? Because it’s delicious that’s why! While your garden-variety hummus gets most of its distinct flavor from chickpeas, pumpkin hummus gets its flavor, depending on the recipe, from pureed pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Not quite tasting like pumpkin or hummus this treat is quick, easy and worth a try for the culinary adventurer.

Pumpkin French Toast

Another entry in the ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ column is pumpkin French toast. This easy to make meal gives a new spin on a classic breakfast dish and is a must try for lovers of French toast. The taste of pumpkin matches well with the syrup and soaks into the bread well so there’s no worries there. Just be sure to get thick bread. You want that fluffy texture to the bread after it absorbs the custard mixture.

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