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Navy blue accented room at Olympus Steelyard



Navy blue is a favorite color among designers – it’s a neutral, yet lends a more vibrant pop of color than typical neutrals like white, black, or brown. Take advantage of the navy blue trend and incorporate it into your home décor with these easy tips.

Paint Your Furniture

Pick a special piece of furniture – a dresser, large table, or desk – and paint it navy. This is such a simple way to incorporate this anything-but-basic neutral into your indoor space. Add a few smaller navy pieces to the room – a throw pillow, pencil holder, or blanket, for example – to tie it all together.

Create Navy Blue Wall Art

There are a few options you can try here. Buy some cheap frames at a thrift store or The Dollar Tree, remove the glass, paint the frames various hues of navy blue, and create a gallery wall. You can also achieve the same effect by painting on various sized pieces of canvas. Or check out local antique shops or Etsy to find art in hues of navy blue, frame them in white or black frames, and let those blues pop.

Change Your Sofa or Bed

You don’t have to get new furniture or tackle major crafts in order to feature more navy blue in your home. You can make a simple change to one of the largest pieces of furniture you have – your sofa or bed. Try a navy blue slip cover or refresh your bedding with a cozy navy blue comforter.


Little navy blue accents around the house will add warmth and style. Teapots, bath towels, clocks, and vases are a great place to start. If it’s time to update your dining wear, consider a classy navy blue option.

Make an Upholstered Headboard

This project is a lot easier than it might sound and affords you the ability to make a completely personalized headboard with the navy blue fabric of your choice. Or, of course, you can just buy one.

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