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Resident taking a break from her hike to enjoy the view near Olympus Steelyard in Chandler, Arizona



Hitting the trails this summer means experiencing nature one-on-one and being open to adventure. Part of what makes hiking such a spectacular activity is the ability to go miles deep into the wilderness and that requires the right fuel to get you out on the trail and back to the trailhead. Here are our top picks for snacks that will sustain your efforts as well as standup to your backpack.

Nut Butters

Fat and protein rich, peanut, almond, and macadamia nut butters are a delicious and mouthwatering snack packed with calories. Pack your nut butter in a container with a wide lid and bring a spoon or celery to avoid the mess when it comes time to enjoy, or choose a sturdy cracker (like Mary’s Gone Crackers) to take along.

Tuna & Crackers

Single serve tuna in foil pouches hold up well in your backpack while hiking. When you’re ready to snack, add a little mayo to your tuna and scoop on to a cracker or hardy roll. Be sure to bring along a resealable bag to pack out the remnants of your tuna and keep your pack protected.


Even though hummus gets high marks because it is packed with plant-based protein and healthy fats, hummus makes our list simply because it tastes good. Choose a brand that is already prepared in its own container or lighten your pack weight with a dehydrated version and add water when you are ready to snack. Enjoy your hummus with carrots, cucumbers, and red bell peppers.


Intense flavors. Tasty textures. Good for you carbohydrates. Loaded with protein. Jerky is your best bet for an on-trail delight.

GORP (Trail Mix)

GORP stands for good old raisins and peanuts and is unbelievably yummy. Add in a little creativity with a mix of nuts and chocolate and you’ll become a lifelong fan of GORP. Plus, GORP will give you the fuel to conquer your hike.

Snickers Bar

Surprised by this suggestion? We’re not – Snickers Bars are nuts and chocolate wrapped into one, which makes for a perfect and tasty trailside treat.

With these amazing snack ideas you’ll be able to fuel your adventures well into the fall. For more healthy and appetizing snack ideas, check out our blog.