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Three Mason jars on a marble countertop filled with citrus fruits and herbs.



Try something new and add a twist to classic cocktail recipes using infused liquors. Here’s how to make your own at home and up your drink-making game.  

Make a Plan

The most important part of infusing is figuring out what you’re going to do with the final product. Yes, you could drink it straight. That is always an option. But if you’re looking to kick up a hot toddy recipe or a cosmopolitan, having that end goal in mind can be helpful!

Decide What to Infuse

The liquor you decide to infuse starts with what you’re in the mood for. From citrus-infused vodkas to chamomile-infused whiskey, the world of liquor flavors is your oyster. And seriously, whatever sounds good, go for it. Whether that’s a bacon flavor, peanut butter, or hot pepper. There is an infused liquor out there for everyone. Use this list of unique ideas for some drinkspiration.

Get Infusing

Grab a jar with an airtight lid, your preferred type and brand of liquor, and the ingredients you’re hoping to infuse. Add your fruit, food, or spices first. If you’re going for a fruity infusion, you can go heavy on the ingredients, but any herbs or spices should be used sparingly, so their flavor isn’t overwhelming. Pour the liquor over the top and close the jar. Store it in a cool, dry place, and strain when ready.


The big question is how long to let your infusion rest before it’s ready. This really depends on what ingredients you’re using, but the rule of thumb is the longer you leave it, the stronger it will taste! About a week is a good starting time frame. Or you can also Google your specific mixture to see what has worked best for other people.

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