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Man and woman completing a 3D puzzle with 3D goggles on at Olympus Steelyard



As we continue to social distance and spend more time at home, you may have started to feel like you’ve reached your hobby limit. You’ve binged watched all the shows. You’ve baked all the bread. You’ve tried all the online workouts. Is there anything left? We humbly suggest a new spin on an old classic – Puzzles. Or more accurately, 3D puzzles.

What are 3D Puzzles?

A 3D puzzle is like any other puzzle. Except that when the pieces are assembled, instead of creating a two dimensional picture on a flat surface, you create a fully-realized three-dimensional structure. These puzzles can range in size, assembly time, and material. 3D models are constructed with cardboard, wood, or even metal.

Why Should I Start Constructing 3D Puzzles?

There are any number of reasons why you’d want to give 3D puzzles a try. First, these aren’t your parents’ puzzles. 3D puzzles tend to be pretty intricate, which means more often than not, they come with much-needed instructions. While this may feel like it defeats the purpose of a puzzle, don’t let that stop you from experiencing some awesome end results of your efforts. Like a 26 inch long pirate ship with LED lights, or a wooden clock that actually tells time.

What to Do With the Puzzle When Done?

Get decorative! Many 3D puzzles make great little additions to your home decor. Time For Machine is a brand of metal 3D models with movable parts that come in various designs like planes, trains, and automobiles. The puzzles tend to be small so there’s no worries about the pieces looking gaudy or taking up a lot of space.

3D models are a small, inexpensive way to spend an afternoon, and when you're done you’ll have a small statement piece to add to your home. It’s a win-win!

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