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Beautiful Christmas decorations in a den with a wooden mantle fireplace



It’s that time of year again – a time of cozy cups of hot chocolate, colorful lights, and cookies fresh from the oven. Decorating your home to reflect the warmth and cheer of the season is a favorite tradition.

Try these simple and fun décor tips to give your home that holiday feel.

Play with Monochromatic Color

Traditional holiday decorations typically feature multiple colors. If you want to change things up a bit, try decorating with many shades of only one color. For instance, get a set of stockings in various shades of green. Or decorate all in blues. You can even use a nontraditional color, like pink.

Incorporate Greenery

Natural (or even fake) greenery brings the beauty and whimsy of the outdoors inside. Decorate with evergreen wreaths and garlands. Line up mini topiaries on your windowsill. Or clip a few evergreen branches and place them into a vase to use as a centerpiece.

Mix Asymmetry with Symmetry

Buy identical stockings and balance them out with an asymmetrical garland on the mantle. Use identical slipcovers on your dining room chairs and decorate them with asymmetrically-placed ribbons or other holiday décor.

Create Decorations from Nature

Make a garland out of pinecones. Cover acorns with glitter and place them in a bowl. Tie branches together to create a draping decoration to run along a breakfast bar or a banister.

Try Nontraditional Prints

Instead of the typical prints and patterns, try something simple and neutral like buffalo plaid, stripes, or checkers. Tie plaid ribbons around candlesticks, use striped placemats, or add a few checkered tea towels to your kitchen supply. The best part is: You don’t have to put these away after the season ends!

Go Big

Make a statement with oversized decorations. Adorn your tree with extra-large ornaments. Hang oversized garlands and wreaths. And instead of setting out a decorative item or two, be bold and group six or more together. Forget “less is more” – this year, more is more!

Pay Attention to the Details

Have you ever considered having a set of seasonal dishes that you can use during the holiday season to add extra pizzazz to your home décor? What about some wintry mugs? Might as well add a few decorative items to your laundry area or bathroom, too – rooms that are often overlooked.

And don’t forget these tips on what to do before you pull out your holiday decorations. For more tips on decorating for the holidays like a boss, visit the Olympus Steelyard blog.