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Dogs. Pageantry. Showmanship. The bright lights of New York City. Dogs. (Yes, we said dogs twice.) Here at Olympus Steelyard, we absolutely love the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. What’s not to love? In honor of Wasabi the Pekingese’s Best in Show win earlier this month, let’s look at some of the Westminster superstars we’ll never forget.

Kippax Fearnought, 1955 Champ

This magnificent beast did wonders for the popularity of the bulldog breed, stunning the world with his 1955 win at Westminster. He and Strathtay Prince Albert (1913) are the only two bulldogs to take Best in Show honors.

Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, 2011

Foxcliffe Hickory Wind became the only Scottish deerhound to win Best in Show in 2011. What is a Scottish deerhound, you ask? Here’s a closer look at this gorgeous girl.

Rocky Top’s Sundance Kid, 2006

He went by his nickname Rufus and very much looked the part. This bull terrier (think Spuds MacKenzie) had some serious show chops, though, cleaning up on the awards circuit before retiring and becoming a therapy dog.

Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth, 1964 Champ

With a name like that, does the champ’s breed even matter? Actually, yes. Just look at this handsome whippet’s regal pose!

St. Aubrey Dragonora of Elsdon, 1982

Epic dog. Epic name. This Pekingese, a furball with gorgeous flowing locks, is among the most unforgettable of Westminster champs. And St. Aubrey surely smiled down from dog heaven after Wasabi’s big 2021 win.

Carlee, 2005

Known more for their hunting prowess than show prowess, German shorthaired pointers aren’t big winners at Westminster all that often. Carlee, a smooth-moving, spotted beauty, broke a 31-year drought for the breed. She’s one of three GSPs to win it all at Westminster.

Prince Charming II, 1988

Just look at this adorable little Pomeranian sitting in the winner’s cup.

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