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Man riding down the street on an electric scooter with a smile on his face.



Kick scooters are in the past, and electric scooters are all the rage in personal transportation these days. Why do you need one? They're compact, fun to ride, and everyone looks fabulous doing it. If you're looking to join the scooter movement, here are four excellent e-scooters to choose from.

Apollo Explore

The Apollo Explore was built for speed. It can go up 35 mph with a range of about 39 miles on one battery charge. The beefy motor makes conquering hills and bumpy roads a breeze, and the air-filled tires make for a smooth ride. It sports a big price tag, and also weighs 50 pounds, so it may not be as easy to tote around as other models.

Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite

The Swagtron name really says it all. It weighs half as much as the Apollo, making it much easier to maneuver when needed. It's also considerably cheaper and comes with about a quarter of the motor power. The speed maxes out at 18 mph, and it might struggle a bit on hills, but sometimes looking good comes with a cost.

Segway Ninebot

From the people who brought you the Segway comes an even better idea. Like the Swagtron, the Ninebot caps out around 18 mph, but it has a bigger motor to tackle hills with ease. The biggest downside is that while it offers a smooth ride, it's pretty noisy. Everyone will hear you coming.

Unagi The Model One Foldable

The Unagi blends form and function flawlessly. It has a sleek look and is lightweight with enough juice to get you where you're going. Because of the slim design, the ride isn't as smooth as other models, but it can handle hills without the extra weight.

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