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A man stretching on a yoga mat on the floor of an apartment with a sectional couch in the background



Do you ever wake up and think, “What do I do in this creaky body that doesn’t want to move?” If so, resist the urge to solve it by guzzling your morning coffee (or at least hold off for a few minutes), and give your body some active help with a morning stretch routine. Here are five great stretches from Elevation Chandler that will help you to greet the day feeling limber, energetic, and ready for action. 

Upward Dog

A stretch that starts from lying flat on your chest and culminates with an invigorating backbend, upward dog seems like the perfect way to start a new day. Not only will you get a great stretch through your abdominal muscles and chest, but you’ll reach your head up and outward, welcoming the new day with expectation and energy. This classic yoga pose is aptly named, too. See if you can get your furry friends to do it with you!

Standing Forward Bend

If you’re an athlete or an active person, making the standing forward bend (or forward fold) a part of your daily routine can change your life. We tend to carry tension in our hamstrings and calves, and the forward bend helps to release that tension, recover flexibility, and prevent injury. If done correctly, with a flat back and not a curved spine, this stretch can help to release tightness in your lower back. You may find that it helps you to prepare mentally for the day, too. As you stretch, ask yourself: How am I feeling? Am I tight? Limber? Stressed? Content?


A good butterfly stretch feels amazing – and it’s fun and playful too! Plop down on the ground and pretend like you’re a child in a group circle waiting for the teacher to read you a story. Stretch out the inner thighs and groin to relieve tightness and limber up your body. With this one, and with all morning stretches, don’t hold the pose for too long. Instead, use dynamic movement, flexing and releasing the stretch, to increase blood flow and to help you avoid overstretching.

Anterior Shoulder Stretch

Working through shoulder stretches in the morning can help to undo some of the tightness we experience after a night of sleep. An anterior shoulder stretch, performed with the hands clasped behind the back, helps to lift the chest and move the shoulders back, giving you the full and open posture you want in order to attack the day.

Seated Clasp Neck Stretch

Gently stretching out the neck with a seated clasp neck stretch does wonders to relieve any neck pain or pressure you might be experiencing, and easing that pressure can help you to think with a clear head. Make sure to be gentle when stretching the neck, switching sides a couple of times to avoid too much pressure, and never overstretching.

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